Plywood is a versatile building material with applications in many interior and exterior surfaces. It is one of the most durable materials available and it can provide an excellent foundation for your building. We have been providing the best quality plywood for over 55 years. All the timbers that we use are hand-picked from forests across the world. These timbers are seasoned and chemically treated to make our plywood durable, long lasting and resistant to termites and borers. These then undergo a unique THT treatment, a technique that ensures optimum treatment of moisture.


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Cigna Black Plywood is bonded with high Quality Phenol Formaldehyde Resin. It is the only one of its kind to be made by pre-pressing, where each veneer is treated with preservatives prior to pressing, ensuring uniform distribution of moisture and adhesive. The result is a high quality ply that can resist boiling water , cold water, climate variations, powder and termite attacks. It does not delaminate even when immersed in boiling water for more than Eight hours. It is ideal for use in hot, humid and moist locations.

S.No. Test I.S. : 303 Requirement Cigna Black Results
1 Moisture Content 5-15% 8-10%
2 Glue Adhesion Test Three test specimens of size 250mm x 100mm shall be prepared and submerged in water at 60 +/- 2 Centigrade for Three Hours and then Dryed for Eight Hours at a temperature of 65 +/- 2 Centigrade followed by Two more cycles and then tested as per IS:1734 (Part 5) 3 cycles carried out. No delamination observed. Excellent Bonding.
3 Modulus of Elasticity Across the Grains - Average 2000 N/mm2 2800 N/mm2
4 Moe Min. Pass standards Excellent