flush door

Flush doors are basically a slab, typically with a core of solid material when performance doors are required. Solid cores are generally particleboard or laminated timber, which can be faced with sheets of plywood or mdf, to provide a flat surface that can be painted, veneered or faced in laminate.

Flush Door

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BWP Flush Doors from the house of Cigna Black are made from selected pinewood frames and evenly sized batons. Our high-density block board doors provide excellent insulation against dust, heat and sound. Made from quality, imported timber, they possess high resistivity to borers and termites.

S.No. Test IS : 2202 Requirements Cigna Black Results
1 Moisture Content (%) 10 - 12 11
2 Flatness of Shutter "(twist, cupping and warping)" not more than 1 mm 0.5mm
3 Local Planess (surface smoothness) not more than 0.5 mm 0.3mm
4 Impact Indentation not more than 0.2 mm by a weight of 0.5 kg Pass
5 Flexure Resistance (residual deflection) not more than 2 mm 1.1mm
6 Edge Loading a) Residual deflection b) Lateral buckling not more than 0.2 mm not more than 1.5 mm 0.15mm 0.08mm
7 Shock Resistance no visible damage after 25 blows of 5 kg Pass
8 Buckling Resistance a) Initial deflection b) Residual deflection not more than 40 mm not more than 5 mm 25mm 2mm
9 Slamming of the Shutter no visible impact after 25 impacts of 15 kg Pass
10 Misuse of the Shutter no permanent deformation after the test Pass
11 End Immersion no delamination after immersion 2.8%
12 Adhesion of Plies excellent Excellent
13 Glue Adhesion no delamination of the glue line Pass
14 Screw Holding Strength (kg) >200 350
15 Preservative Treatment Two Tier Treatment: 1. Lumber and Veneers are treated with preservatives 2. Glue Line is fortified with non- leachable organophosphorous compound (USA technology) Pass Pass
16 Specific Gravity 0.60 0.60
17 Water Absorption < 2% 1%
18 Nail Holding Strength (kg) > 100 250