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    Choosing colors for your brand shouldn’t be about your favorite color, but rather what you want your logo to say about your company.People pick their logo colors for a wide variety of arbitrary reasons. Some choose their favorite color. Others like the color of their first car because of what it represented at the time. Cigna Black Choose Black and White Colour For Logo .Black is very serious. It represents wealth (tuxedos are black for a reason,) elegance and sophistication. It is a no-nonsense color and black is still used by a lot of fabulously successful brands. Apple, judged both the biggest (and one of the most innovative) companies in the world, eschewed rainbow colors in their logo back in 1998, adopting a simple black or white icon that they’ve kept ever since (though it appears with a greyscale chrome effect when a fancier version is needed.)

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    Cigna Black Plywood completed over 25 years of existence having various ISI products of plywood's and other interior products for your industry, office and residence decoration. Located in:Plot No-16 Near Mansarovar metro, New Sanganer Road, Mansarovar, Jaipur 302021 we offer a wide range of ISI grade products. Cigna Black Plywood company since 1986, is now firmly established as Jaipur leading dealer / distributors for various Quality products in interior and exterior decorative quality products. The company successfully have been beneficial to be a home for Architects, Interior Designer, Furniture Manufactures & home makers.

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    The practice of Quality products, Quality service & Quality business has been the root cause of success, we always believe in "cost is long forgotten but the Quality is remembered forever". ETHICAL TRADING INITATIVE - ETI with the commitment towards the employees at Cigna Black Industries , we have adopted the code of labour practice in terms of non-development of child labour, hours of work, security of health and safety. Transparency in dealings, practicing highest ethical standards. Quality is what quality does and consistent good quality is but an expression of unmitigated self- confidence and an inherent expression to offer assured products to customers. Cigna Black Plywood products range stands for assured quality which is an extension of the company’s core vision and mission to always bring out the best there is. With us, you are absolutely sure.